Best white board marker for your home / office.

2 min readMar 19, 2021

Hey! Good News for you.

Today will be the final day for you search of best white board marker for your writing board located at your home /office or educational institute.

Did you know that a quality white board marker is necessary for your white board to make your writing board last longer. Most of the white board markers are very bad in quality making your white board a blackboard. Haha I am a victim of such marker pens that literally spoiled my writing board.

Note: Please do not use permanent markers on your white board. Many companies claim that their writing board can even erase permanent marker. All Fake promises -Be aware of such false promises.

Now lets dive in to the topic of Best White Board Marker in 2021 that is very effective for your white board leaving your board clean and smooth after erasing it.

Staedtler Lumocolor 351–9 Bullet Tip White Board Marker:

This is one of the best brands in the manufacturing of white board marker. Its is suitable for any kind of white board such as glass white board, magnetic white board, porcelain white board and even non magnetic white board. The marker comes with bullet tip and having a line width of approximately 2 mm.

The users of this marker ensure that the marker can be left for days and it can even be erased after dry leaving the board clean and white. It also has order free ink that is good for every one. This is available in the pack of 10 black markers and can last for around 6 months if purchased once.

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Staedtler Lumocolor 351 WP4 Bullet Tip Whiteboard Marker:

As already said that steadtler is one of the best product, it has come up with multiple color options to suite the needs of its customers. So this model 351 WP4 comes with a set of 4 multiple colors that can be used for various purposes like using a different color for heading and paragraph showing the difference in the content type make more interesting to the viewers of your content.

This comes with a set of 4 colors -Red, blue, green and black. Good news is that it has a locked tip that prevents the tip from being pushed into the barrel. Its the best choice you could make if you want multiple color option.

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I hope this has helped you find best white board marker for your writing board of best quality that keeps your white board clean all the time. If your writing board has been left marks and you literally wanted to buy new white board then you must check out a company GigaMade- Manufacturer of writing boards.

If you are not sure about white board price then you need to check out their detailed article on types of white board and white board price. Be aware of cheap quality white boards. GigaMade only manufacture quality white boards




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